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  1. Banko Bankov, M.Sc.Engineer

Banko Bankov, M.Sc.Engineer
Executive Director

Dotcho Karaivanov, M. Sc. Economic
Deputy Executive Director

Trifon Trifonov, M.Sc.Engineer
Chief Engineer

: Overview

Arcus Co. has over 50 years experience in research, development and manufacture of defence related products. The company employs approximately 2500 employees. 120 engineers work on research and development projects.

Arcus Co. specializes in development, production and supply of defence products of the following groups:

  • Ammunition for medium caliber automatic guns: 30×165mm and 23×152mm
  • Grenades for Grenade Launchers cal.30mm VOG-17; 40mm VOG-25; 40×46mm NATO; 40×53mm NATO
  • Grenade Launchers cal. 40×46mm NATO and 40mm for VOG-25
  • Small Firearms: 9×19mm pistols
  • Impact Fuzes for artillery ammunition, mortar bombs, rockets and air bombs
  • Proximity Fuzes for mortar and artillery ammunition

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: Certificates

Arcus Co. is certified for full compliance with ISO-9001:2015 and NATO AQAP-2110 Quality Standards.

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