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Hristo Ibouchev
Executive director

Stanil Stanilov
Executive director

  1. Hristo Ibouchev
  2. Stanil Stanilov

: Overview

Arsenal 2000 JSCo. is a holding structure of several companies and is officially licensed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for supply in military equipment. The company is specialized in supply and investment in defence-related products and dual use goods.

Arsenal 2000 JSCo. has full license for international trade No 11.00-775-1/27.01.2015 and registration for broker services and transfer of defence-related products.

The company is 100% privately owned with 20 years of experience in the defence field.

Areas of activity

  • Investment in defence manufacturing and software;
  • Import, export and re-export of defense related products;
  • Transfer of technologies, know- how and supplemental services;

The company supplies

  • Small arms and artillery systems
  • Ammunition and components
  • Pyrotechnic military products
  • Civil production – tooling, hunting and sport weapons and ammunition.

Our mission is to be a market leader in the industry segments, striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of our customers. Our focus is to establish lasting business relationships with our clients. Traditionally Arsenal 2000 JSCo. participates in all major exhibition events and trade fairs worldwide, promoting product durability and reliability within the security and defense international market concept.

Partners and clients

Government and private structures from Europe, Middle East, South and East Asia Pacific, Africa, North and South America.

: Certificates

The production offered by Arsenal 2000 JSCo. is designed, manufactured and controlled in accordance with the requirements of NATO Allied Publication – AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001.

The Quality Management System is certified by the MoD for compliance with AQAP 2110 – for military production, and by LRQA for compliance with ISO 9001 – for civilian production.

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