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Dr. Eng. Ivan Stoyanov
Executive director

  1. Dr. Eng. Ivan Stoyanov

: Overview

“Electron Consortium” JSC has a long term experience in research, development and manufacturing of special electronics. The company has highly-qualified specialists in the field of communication equipment, radars and control systems, which allows the integration of target workgroups for specific orders.
“Electron Consortium” JSC has research and development facilities, equipped with modern measuring equipment, and highly technological production facilities for assembling PCBs, including SMD assembly and lead-free technologies.

Main products:

  • Communication equipment
  • Radar equipment
  • Control systems
  • Radio counter-action
  • Specialized software

“Electron Consortium” JSC is specialized in the development, manufacturing, supply and integration of specialized electronics, such as:

  • Complex mobile communication stations for the needs of the Bulgarian army
  • Meteorological radars
  • Hail suppression system
  • TCP/IP communication networks
  • Specialized radio communication equipment
  • Photovoltaic systems and LED lighting systems
  • Non-standard technological equipment

The manufacturing capabilities of “Electron Consortium” JSC include:

  • Assembly of PCBs, modules and whole products
  • Two Pick&Place automatic machines for SMD assembly
  • Reflow oven
  • Lead-free technologies
  • Climatic and mechanical testing

“Electron Consortium” JSC has a full license issued by the Government of Republic of Bulgaria for foreign trade with military goods.

: Certificates

“Electron Consortium” JSC has a working quality control system and is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.

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