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  1. Alexandar Mihaylov

: Overview

Kintex was established in 1966 as a specialized company for trade with defense equipment. In 1992 Kintex was transformed into Company limited by shares in accordance with the Commercial Law, which came into force in Bulgaria in 1991. All the shares are owned by the State.

Kintex is granted a General License for export, import and re-export of products for the army and police.

Kintex is specialized in export of Bulgarian defense industry production – military equipment for all services of the Armed Forces.

Areas of activity

  • Armament, ammunition, sights and surveillance equipment, armoured vehicles
  • Communication and electronic warfare means, radar equipment
  • Repair activities, training assistance, commissary items
  • System engineering, projects, technical assistance and technology transfer for the defense industry

In the export list of Kintex increasingly larger is the number of new advanced products designed in the institutes and factories of the Bulgarian defense industry.

These developments are mainly in the spheres of information technology, communication equipment, radars and other means of electronic warfare. All of them are specially designed to operate within a very wide range of geographical and climatic conditions.

Besides the foreign trade performance, KINTEX carries out development and implementation activities of technical means for the needs of the army – “Surveillance and reconnaissance assembly Unit – Forward observation Post”, “Ground Surveillance System”, “Control and Navigation Wireless Network Terminal”, “Tactical Communication Platform” , “Gun-Fire computer””, Artillery Fire Control System “Vulkan”.

Experience in the past

For more than 50 years KINTEX has been executing contracts for supply of technical military production, armament and ammunition, as well as engineering projects for countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

International cooperation

Kintex maintains traditionally very good relations with a number of governmental institutions of many foreign armies and police forces from all over the world. Along with that, in the export list of Kintex the share of military items by NATO standards is constantly increasing.

Joint projects with foreign companies are also a priority subject of activity of KINTEX.

: Certificates

The company is certified according ISO 9001:2008, TUV Rheinland.

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