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Dipl. Eng. Petar Georgiev
Managing Director

  1. Dipl. Eng. Petar Georgiev

: Overview

Research and development activities, production and trade of products with special purpose:

  • mobile, portable and stationary radio jammers for protection against improvised explosive devises
  • HF/VHF jammers for radio counteraction delivered into the area by means of artillery bearer – “Starshel”, “Chadar”
  • wire communication facilities – analogue field telephone sets
  • VHF radios
  • mobile communication shelters and Command &Staff vehicles
  • integration of systems for surveillance and guarding of the borders area and objects from national importance
  • ground-based radars
  • information protection equipment

Other activities

Research and development activities, production and trade of products with civil purpose:

  • sea radars for navigation
  • specialized electronics for the lighting industry including lighting fixtures with LEDs, electronic transformers, power supplies
  • components and amplifiers for cable TV networks, systems for collective reception of satellite TV programs
  • consumer electronics
  • range of multifunctional running message displays exchange range displays, as well as monochrome, multicolor and full color LEDs screens for indoor and outdoor use in banks, stadiums, offices and other appropriate places
  • spare parts and accessories for cars
  • components – ferrite, piezo-ceramic and steatite parts and units, type of F, N, SMB, SMA, Canon connectors and others

Technological capabilities:

  • research and development activity on its own and in co-operation with other companies and science institutes in the country and abroad
  • designing and manufacturing of tooling equipment
  • precise metal press and mechanical processing of rotation and housing parts, including bending and laser cutting
  • pressure casting of aluminum and zinc alloys
  • pressing injection moulding of bakelite, plastics and rubber
  • galvanic coating and lacquering
  • design and manufacturing of ferrite, piezo-ceramic and steatite parts
  • PCB assembly – SMD assembly line including wave soldering equipment
  • electronic assembly and production of electronic units
  • electromechanical assembly of units and finished goods

Business activities – contacts

Manufacture and trade of defence equipment and working as a sub-contactor.

Company profile

Corporate overview

LEDs LIGHTS – solutions of the future

: Certificates

There is build up and operating System of Quality Assurance in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008.

: Gallery

  1. Samel-90 PLC
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