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Dipl. Eng. Petar Georgiev
Managing Director

  1. Dipl. Eng. Petar Georgiev

: Overview

Business activities – contacts

Samel-90 PLC was established in 1964. as a military equipment plant supplying Electronic Communication Equipment for the Bulgarian Army. Now the company has expanded its scope of activities.

Our company has all necessary technology capabilities, strategy and vision to offer a wide portfolio of various products for civil and special purposes. Modern technology, experts knowhow, certificates and extensive selection of proven solutions are combined for manufacturing of worldwide high quality products – products with excellent design and investment for the future.

Besides final products Samel-90 PLC also provides services and acts as a subsupplier to other companies.

Samel-90 PLC works with more than 32 countries around the world and is proud with the quality of its products and the created long term relationships. Our Employees are an integral part of the business with their commitment and dedication.

Samel-90 PLC is located 60 km away from Sofia in the town of Samokov.

Overview and main products

Research and development activities, production and trade of products with special purpose:

  • Radio Jammers for protection against Improvised Explosive Devices: Convoy and Portable Radio Jammers and Briefcase and Manpack / Backpack Jammers
  • Prison and Cell Phone Jammer
  • HF/VHF Radio counteraction equipment delivered into the area to be jammed by means of artillery bearers 122, 130, 152 and 155 mm: Artillery Radio Jammer
  • Command Post Vehicles
  • Integrated Communication Systems
  • VHF Portable Radio
  • Field Telephone Sets
  • Surveillance systems and guarding solution.
  • Ground Radars
  • Switches and Switchboards
  • Manpad Launcher

Other activities

Research and development activities, production and trade of products with civil purpose:

  • Sea radars for navigation
  • LED illuminators and Systems for LED Lighting
  • Mechanical parts and tools
  • Transformers, coils and chokes
  • Piezo ceramic, ferrite and steatite products
  • RF amplifiers and RF modules

Technological capabilities:

  • Design, assembly and testing of electronic components and coil winding products
  • SMD and conventional assembly of electronic components
  • Precise mechanical parts production
  • Aluminum casting products
  • Tools design and manufacturing
  • Machining and pressing of metal products
  • Production of plastic and rubber products
  • Galvanic coating and lacquering
  • Design and manufacturing of ferrite, piezoceramic and steatite ceramic products

Business activities – contacts

Manufacture and trade of defence equipment and working as a sub-contactor.

Company profile

Corporate overview

LEDs LIGHTS – solutions of the future

: Certificates

There is build up and operating System of Quality Assurance in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008.

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