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Dipl. Eng. Valeri Mitkov
Chairman of the Board of Directors

  1. Dipl. Eng. Valeri Mitkov

: Overview

Development, production and trading with explosive materials, blasting devices and engineering ammunitions.

Main products

Videx JSC produces:

  • Explosive materials – Videxit, Ammonite 6, Ammonite 6 FW, Roughly dispersed ammonites, ANFO-L, Balkanit, Skalenit, Metanit
  • Blasting devices – Booster of pentolite, nonelectric initiation system VIDEXDET
  • Hand grenades and engineering ammunitions

The production is aimed at satisfying the needs for powder explosives, roughly dispersed ammonites and blasting devices on the internal and foreign market.

Other activities

Transport, forwarding and security services, execution of industrial blasting works.

: Certificates

There is built up and operating System of Quality Management /assurance/ in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. Videx JSC is in process of certification according to ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management systems. Our products possess “CE” certificates, according to the Council Directive 93/15/EEC and conformity certificates according to the Decree on the important requirements and valuation of the conformity of the industrial explosives.

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